A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A challenging arcade-shooter involving psyconics, possession, and multiple story-lines. Fire psychic brain waves at incoming ghosts. Use the corresponding wave shot to destroy colored ghosts. Use the PROGRESS button to advance the game. Each time you progress, you'll learn more about the world, and another wave of enemies will attack. (NOTE: you'll need to do this at the Global Game Jam splash screen!) Good luck!

Keyboard Controls:
PROGRESS: [enter]
FIRE: [F, R, T, Y, H]
CHANGE WAVE: [arrow keys]

Xbox 360 Controls:
PROGRESS: [start]
FIRE: [RB, X, Y, B, LB]
CHANGE WAVE: [left stick]

(Please play in FULLSCREEN)

Install instructions

Installation Instructions:

Windows: unzip, make sure the .exe is in the same location as the data folder, and run .exe

Mac: unzip, run .dmg


ggj2017final.zip 59 MB

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